Friday, August 13, 2010

This is a picture of the back of a trophy. The bottom part looks like a trapezium.

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This is a picture of part of the trophy. The book in it is a trapezium.

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i&E workshop/ red dot museum trip
Monday, March 22, 2010

3 learning points that I have learnt:
I have learnt that combining ideas to make an even better ideas is useful.
I have learnt that innovation can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.
I have learnt that even the wildest ideas can be a very useful idea.

2 ways to improve the workshop/ trip:
The first way to improve is to allow us to have more time in the museum to take photos.
The second way to improve is to have more videos to show us on how they come up with the product.

1 very important point:
One important point is that no matter who we are, where we are, what time it is, you can always innovate.

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camp reflection
Saturday, January 9, 2010

What are the three main points (or more) that you had learnt from all the activities?
-I have learnt that we have to work as a team to achieve more as Together Everyone Achieves More.
-We have to be clear of what our goals are so as to achieve them.
- I have learnt that we need to look onthe bright side and be positive no matter what situation you are in.
How can all this pointers be of help to you?
-These pointers can help me to learn how to work better as a team to achieve more.
If you were to have another chance to try all the activities, which one would you choose? Why?
-I would like to try the abseiling again as I found it thrilling. At first it was very scary but once I got off the edge, I found it very fun.
If there is one thing you would like change about yourself, what would that be?
-I would like to be more daring and to be actively invovled in the activities.

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The Amazing Race - Debrief (II) Personal Reflection
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I understand that is about expanding the ways to learn new things through different means for example: Internet, Library etc. This value is very important as it lets us realise that learning is not only through textbooks but also the Internet. It will help me in my learning experience in SST by teaching us the many different ways of learning. This will prepare us for the journey ahead in life.

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#2 Team Building Challenge - Debrief (II) Personal Reflection
Monday, January 4, 2010

I think that "forging excellecnce" is about being the best that you can to excel in your goals. I will do my part in my team. I think I should learn to be patient and accept different points of view from my team members. To help my class succeed, I will be a better team player.

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Bridge Building Activity - Debrief (II) Personal Reflection

I feel that it is better to work as a team so as to come up with the best possible idea. I think everyone in my group interacted well even though it was only our first time meeting each other. In the course of the activity, I realised that I really need to open up when I am involved in group work. In the future group activities, I think that we need to think through the whole process and be very clear on what need to achieve before we actually start working on the project. Thus I fell that the planning phase is very crucial. At first when I started working with my group I was not very comfortable as I was not familiar with my group members. But as I continued to get to know them, I found out that they were very friendly and helpful.

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the girl next door
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Brithday:12th May 1997
Old school:FMS(P)
New school:SST
Likes:listening to music
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